No Discipline Art Collective Presents: Flash Fiction Writing Opportunity

A huge thanks to the writers who came out for a night of art, inspiration, and writing at the July 24 Sub Persona art show! Check out pictures from the event on Facebook


The show presented multi-disciplinary work exploring the question, “What do masks signify?”

How do we use masks in our everyday life to construct our own identify and to interpret the identities of those around us?  What changes when we cover up one part of ourselves, or all of ourselves? Are there times when masks are necessary?

Sub Persona was organized by No Discipline, an informal collective of artists, writers, and art-lovers. The group was founded by Columbia Writers’ Brigitte Winter and Dustin Blottenberger in August of 2014. No Discipline is an artist-led initiative committed to eliminating the gallery middleman and producing cross-disciplinary work that breaks down traditional boundaries between isolated artists and disciplines. In the past year, No Discipline has presented four pop-up art events featuring 40 artists and writers and benefitting causes including the ALS Foundation, the Kristin Rita Strouse Foundation for Suicide Prevention, Columbia Writers, and Young Playwrights’ Theater.

Basically we’re awesome, which makes you awesome for coming out and playing with us.


Miss the event? There’s still time to participate as a writer! Here’s how:
1. Email Brigitte at bwinterose(at) to say you’re in. She’ll send you an image of one of the art pieces featured at the Sub Persona show. Create an original written flash piece (1,000 words or fewer) inspired by what you see.
2. Submit your original piece to Brigitte at by Saturday, August 1, along with the title of the artwork that inspired you.
3. With your permission, we will post publication-ready work on the CW blog.
4. Select writers will be invited to have their work displayed with the art at a follow-up pop-up art show in Atlanta, Georgia, the weekend of September 5, along with the writer’s bio and business cards. This show will occur in conjunction with DragonCon, the nation’s largest multimedia pop culture convention focusing on science fiction and fantasy, literature, art, gaming, comics, music, and film. About 60,000 fans, writers, and artists attend this convention each year, and it’s an incredible opportunity to share your work with a big, eager audience of new readers.

Ready, set, WRITE.


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